Whole House Audio

The Saber team expertly designs technologically advanced systems to fill your entire home with a personalized audio experience. Our design and installation process enables your system access to an array of current popular music platforms and tools such a CDs, iPods, AM/FM radio, XM radio, and Internet sources like Pandora and Rhapsody plus many others.

Customized setup also allows users full, independent access and control of their music, utilizing various interfaces like touch-screen key pads, iPads and even smart phones from top industry brands including Niles, Elan g & Sonos.

Imagine all of your family's music, brought together in a single system and accessible from one touch, anywhere in the house. Users can select and listen to their favorite music no matter where they work, play or relax. With Saber whole house audio, you can listen to what you want, where ever you want throughout your home.

Saber can design and install a complete, integrated audio distribution system packaged in a simple to use, easy to install, affordable solution.

  • On/Off and Various Controls are accessed from one intuitive keypad
  • Access is provided for all necessary meta data such as playlists and album info
  • Easy to access any music stored on devices such as computers, servers, internet radio and satellite radio
  • Multiple "streams" can be used to pull content from platforms like Pandora, Internet radio and XM radio
  • Easy to learn and easy to navigate, providing a home music system that everyone can use

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