by Ronald Elias


With the weather getting warmer in the Lone Star State, many of us are itching to get outdoors to enjoy the sunny climate. From lounging in the pool while listening to your favorite tunes to watching your favorite shows outdoors, you can do it all in your Memorial, TX backyard.

An outdoor sound system elevates your entertainment beyond simply bringing a Bluetooth speaker outside to enjoy while the family hangs out by the firepit at night. Keep reading to learn how an upgraded audio system can elevate your outdoor time, well, in no time!

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As we mentioned before, there’s no need to bring a wireless speaker outside whenever you want to hang out outdoors. Not only is doing that can be a hassle, but everyone in your backyard can’t adequately hear the music; only those nearby can hear well while those sitting further away cannot.

Placing Coastal Source bullet speakers throughout your Memorial-area backyard can help you achieve high-quality sound everywhere. You can also experience full bass sound without large eyesore equipment thanks to subterranean subwoofers that don’t compromise on sound quality.

Both are made to blend seamlessly into your outdoor landscaping, but if you want to take camouflaged speaker systems to a whole new level, consider rock speakers. With fiberglass enclosures and coated grills, Coastal Source’s 8-ohm drivers and stainless hardware are paired with a high-performance exterior meant to defy the Texas sun for years to come.


Outdoor sound systems can be standalone audio setups or sync with your whole-home audio and automation systems. With a tap of a finger on your smartphone, remote, or touch screen, you’ll be able to control what you hear. You’ll be able to raise the volume, select a different station, or turn off speakers in certain areas of the home in seconds. Even more, you can set the scene for any occasion – initiate the Relax scene to dim the patio lighting, raise the volume on a relaxing music station, and turn on the spa.

You can even listen to different songs and sources of music in every room of the house. Imagine listening to relaxing tunes in the gazebo while the kids play by the pool listening to pop music. Your spouse could play music from their favorite LP using the same audio system in the dedicated listening room inside.

If you’re ready for Texas-sized entertainment in your outdoor spaces, call Refined Systems today at (281) 907-9620 or connect using this form. We can’t wait to hear from you.