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Our curated product line results from Saber's many years of experience in the professional security and audio/video industry. We look forward to sharing our expertise while assisting in your selection of the finest components suited to your project and budget.

Home Automation

Smart home automation systems add comfort and convenience to all of your everyday activities, permitting you to celebrate the moments of each and every day. Whether your kitchen and patio lights automatically dim at bedtime or your home entertainment intuitively plays the right music for you in the evening, smart technology can soothe your soul and transform every facet of your home front. Contemporary home automation systems allow you to orchestrate all of the elements in your home, streamline daily living activities, improve moods and ambiance, boost security levels and can even save money and energy.

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Elevate your listening experience with a high performance audio system that will wow even the most discerning audiophiles. High-end audio is a demanding pursuit; an ongoing quest for excellence in music reproduction that drives equipment manufacturers to strive for the absolute in design and performance. We are here to help you in your search for better sound.

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Part of the superior experience from custom electronics can be attributed to the advanced technology. The remaining experience is due to precise setup which makes it possible to get the maximum performance out of that equipment. We strive to bring greater vitality to your video, more layers to your sound, and an enhancement to your everyday household life that will make you want to stay home more.

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The key word to home networking is "share." Share high-speed internet access with any computer in the home. Share a common printer, fax and scanner with the whole family. Share important files and have the ability to back-up all computers connected to the system. Create shared folders that you can access from your home or from the internet. A home network system also provides you with some internet security solutions if you have children in the home. Control your child's access to the internet or even put time restrictions on when they have access.

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Security & Surveillance

When it comes to your belongings and the people you love, peace of mind is priceless. Our intelligent home security solutions make your home safer and smarter. Secure what matters most. Whether you're putting in long hours at work or on vacation, being away makes your house and valuables vulnerable. Wouldn't it be nice if you knew that everything was okay? Now you can—with our smart home security solutions. Equip your home with the ability to update you on smoke, fire, motion, or breaking glass and protect what matters. Keep you and your family safe and secure, and even keep connected to your home from wherever you are with our professional home security systems.

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Lighting & Shade Control

Illuminating your property with intelligent lighting systems has never been more important or manageable. Specially tailored systems can help you adjust the atmosphere of any room in your home to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or even the end of a hard work week, smoothing out all the wrinkles of your everyday life. If you want bright lights for cooking your favorite holiday meal or dim lights for early morning risers, lighting controls provide the perfect light for any activity. Whether you are entertaining family and friends, reading by the fire, or arriving home late at night, the rooms in your home will glow with the perfect light. Intelligent lighting ensures a safe and secure household by connecting with your security system to immediately turn on lights if suspicious motion is detected. Energy efficient automated lighting control systems can also conserve valuable energy and save resources, since they are designed to turn on and off only when wanted or necessary.

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